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 Sweden's first clothing brand for female golfers

We proudly want to take the opportunity to tell you about the history of Daily Sports and the women behind the brand.

When the founder Elisabeth Skoghag started playing golf in the 90s, she discovered how conservative and boring the golf fashion was, and decided to create the golf fashion she herself lacked. Daily Sports paved the way as Sweden's first clothing brand solely for female golfers and through creative design and a focus on great fit, quality and comfort, Daily Sports has grown to become the market-leading brand in Sweden in women's golf fashion.  Our clothes are now available in over 30 countries.



 Meet Daily Sports CEO – Ulrika Skoghag

Today, Daily Sports is run by Elisabeth's daughter Ulrika Skoghag, who has worked at the company since 2005. Ulrika began her journey at Daily Sports as a production manager. When Elisabeth started working remotely from Thailand during October to January each year, it became natural for Ulrika to take care of the daily operations in the business. Ulrika stepped in as CEO in 2011 under the leadership of the board, and 2016 she was announced as the owner. Daily Sports profit has more than doubled since then and Ulrika has been awarded the prestigious title Female Business Woman of the Year.

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To go your own way in a traditionally male dominated industry

Ulrika believes that one of the success factors has been that they have allowed the brand to maintain its own identity throughout the years. That they have dared to go their own way in a traditionally male dominated industry. It is important to always be responsive to customers' needs. In which places does a golf jacket need extra flexibility? How do you design a pair of trousers to be comfortable, without compromising on style? What features is important in a mid-layer top for hiking? This has resulted in stylish garments that are worn on the golf course as well as during a game of padel, or at the office.


– Our goal is to inspire women to be active and to help them feel properly dressed for the occasion. Feeling properly dressed contributes to the right conditions and stronger self-confidence, something I think is key for enjoying yourself and having fun. I am incredibly proud that we have become the market-leading brand in Sweden in women's golf fashion, and we have succeeded in this thanks to great teamwork and our fantastic customers. Now we want to continue to inspire active women to pursue their passion, regardless of whether the passion is on the golf course or elsewhere, Ulrika concludes.


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